What is Wedding Photography ?

When you think about wedding photography, the first thing that comes to mind is the photography that takes place on the wedding day. However, there is much more to wedding photography than the wedding photos, which only professional photographers are adept at taking.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime affair which with lots of efforts, preparations from both sides of the families are involved in. As there are no retakes to a wedding, the wedding photographer should capture all the memorable moments that occur before, during and after the wedding.

The bride and groom have spent so much time dreaming and planning for their wedding, and with their friends and family members, So it’s natural to want to make it the as memorable as they could for this day of their lives. So their friends usually help out with some fun, jokes and games where the bride and groom are the centre of the attention and enjoy most of the time.

The wedding photographer should be present when all this happens, and take photos of the bride, groom and their respective friends enjoying themselves. The photographer should also know where and when to look for interesting photos.

It could be a photo of the bride’s father taking a last look at his daughter, the bride’s mom helping her daughter get ready for her special day or it could be the bride and groom sharing a special moment in their bedrooms. With an unobtrusive photo-journalist techniques combining with informal portraiture, the results are a mixture of candid moments that reflect the joy and romance of the day as well as those stunning wedding portraits of your love ones. Photographing your wedding day as it unfolds; unobtrusively capturing the details of your wedding with sensitivity, intuition as well as blending in seamlessly with your guests. Often a wedding isn’t complete without the occasional formal shot.

All these moments are special and memorable, and should all be captured and compiled with the wedding day photos in the wedding album.

This is why it is always better to hire a professional wedding photographer to capture these moments.

No matter how enthusiastic an amateur photographer may be about taking these photos, the thoughts that these moments will never come again.

So instead of taking a lower cost risk of hiring an amateur photographer who is not so confident about their capabilities, it makes better cents to hire a professional photographer to capture the life’s precious moments of your wedding.

The day you say “I do” is one of the most special moments in your entire life. Whether you’re engaged, just married or have been together for years. It is one of the most powerful commitment that can be made between two people.